… Over $250 million worth of products to over 150,000 customers in 131 countries!
Jason Fladlien and his company, Rapid Crush, Inc. has sold over half a billion dollars worth of products to over 150,000 customers in 131 countries... is now sharing his information product creation secrets in his flagship offering - Product eClass.

No stone is left unturned - your leads will be happy to discover everything starting from niche selection done right to creating their first infoproduct, to then taking their business to 6, 7 or even 8 figures with these systems, hard-won shortcuts, trade secrets, templates, done-for-you product bonuses... and more!

Why Promote Product eClass?


The Soon-To-Be Trillion Dollar Elephant In The Room

Profit by riding on the coattails of one of the fastest-growing market segments in the world - e-learning. Your customers will be able to build and sell their own winning infoproducts, as well as crush it as affiliates by being able to offer unmatched bonuses.

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INSANE Conversions

The team behind the Product eClass has set the record for all time biggest launch in the Internet Marketing space ($57.9 million) as well as the record for most commissions generated as an affiliate in a product launch ($9.8 million in 8 days). You can be sure that this promotion is going to be a winner… with a brand new webinar by Jason Fladlien himself!

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In its different iterations since 2008, Product eClass has always been "the" product to have when it comes to successful infoproduct creation. Now, it’s updated once again - including up to date information about things like AI, niche selection in this day and age, how to find all the traffic you’ll ever need and more.

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UNPARALLELED Sales Tracking (Plus More Breakthrough Tech…)

We have amazing tracking through browser fingerprinting that’s on top of affiliate software. So you can rest assured… your sales will be attributed to you.

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Check Out A Webinar Recording

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Join Product eClass Promotion

Product Price Point: $499
Affiliate Commission: 50%

To join, please email us at support@rapidcrush.com

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What type of lists this is great for

Product eClass has been proven to convert for almost any niche imaginable over the years, so even if you don’t see yours on the list below, you are still very likely to see very good results. If you have any doubts, let us know and we’ll help you figure out whether this is a good fit for your audience.

  • Internet Marketing
  • Biz-Op
  • Finance
  • Copywriting
  • Influencers
  • Product Creators

Get Insane Conversions With Product eClass


A Jason Fladlien Evergreen Webinar

Jason Fladlien is known as the "half a billion dollar webinar man" - and is routinely invited to consult on high-ticket, high-stakes launches. Whenever he crafts a new webinar, you can be assured... it's going to convert! Product eClass is no different - you'll be able to promote a high-converting webinar right when you sign up!

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Super High Value

The product itself comes at hefty, deep-dive 7 sessions - plus, there’s AMAZING bonuses that will drive additional sales. For example, your customers will get 3 done-for-them products that they can sell and make money right away, a 30 minute consult with Jason (conditions apply), 101 product topic ideas, sales letter software… and more!

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The Perfect Price Point

At $499 investment from your customer, most lists will experience more conversions than with $2,000+ products, and our testing shows that for this particular product it means more profit (since the increased conversions more than make up for the lower price point)!

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The Results?

Using the method your customers are going to discover in Product eClass, Jason himself was able to become a millionaire before 30… and a multimillionaire soon after.

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It also resulted in him being the only internet marketer invited by Zoom to teach their customers on creating better webinars.


He broke an affiliate marketing record and made $9.8 million in 8 days in sales…

… And then, we were able to break another world record, this time for a digital product launch by selling $57M worth of product in 6 months.

Jason Fladlien

It also resulted in him being the only internet marketer invited by Zoom to teach their customers on creating better webinars.

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Affiliate Terms & Promotion Rules

In order to participate in Product eClass promotion, you must abide by the Rapid Crush Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.

Additionally, you must also follow the specific rules below for this promotion. If the promotion rules conflict with the Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions (such as payout dates), the promotion rules specified below shall prevail.

Any violation of the affiliate terms or promotion rules can result in you being terminated from promoting Product eClass and may also result in complete forfeiture of any due commissions.Any violation of the affiliate terms or promotion rules can result in you being terminated from promoting Product eClass and may also result in complete forfeiture of any due commissions.

Promotion Rules

  1. You MUST adhere to these FTC guidelines when promoting. Disclose your affiliate relationship in all marketing materials. See this document for examples of how to do this.
  2. Don't spam or send out cold emails. The use of solo ads or safe lists must be approved in advance.
  3. Cash rebates, buy backs, gift cards or physical products incentives are not allowed.
  4. Don't use negative marketing (e.g. "Is Product eClass a scam?" Or "Don't buy Product eClass.")
  5. Don't misrepresent the product or the opportunity.
  6. Don't represent yourself as part of the product (e.g. make a Facebook group/page or create a website with the product name in it).
  7. Don't send emails or post anything online with any of the following "from" names: "Jason Fladlien, Wilson Mattos, Rapid Crush, Product eClass" or any variation thereof.
  8. Self-referral (purchasing from your own affiliate link) is strictly forbidden.

Payment Terms & Timelines

You will earn 50% commission for payments received, minus refunds and chargebacks.

Any affiliate switch requested by a customer within 30 days of purchase will be made manually by Rapid Crush.

You must submit a valid tax form (W9 for US Citizens & Residents or W-8BEN for non-US) prior to receiving any payments. Tax forms must be uploaded to your Kartra account profile.

You must enter valid payment details in your Kartra profile (PayPal or Wire transfer details). Please note wire transfers incur a $25 fee per payment.

All payments will be made in US Dollars.

Commission payments are sent every Tuesday for transactions up to and including 45 calendar days prior.

For a more detailed look at our affiliate terms & rules, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rapid Crush actually never agrees to “recip” type deals. However, we are definitely open to considering external promos on their own merit, 100% based on fit for our list.

In other words, please only agree to promote our offer if you feel it’s a solid fit for your audience.

We’re using our own in-house system that uses browser/device/connection fingerprinting - it lets us attribute your sales to you with unparalleled accuracy.

Last click wins.